Releasedoktor Academy

For many years, I've taught and coached artists and musicians in the music industry. This evolved over the years into an artist and label service where I offered music distribution, radio plugging, coaching on press releases, Koda, Gramex, band contracts, marketing, and much more that independent musicians need to know for releasing their music.

I've now decided to change course and open a community and online academy for creatives, musicians, and songwriters who work independently with their music. Here, I'll share my knowledge and network within the music industry and offer clinics, workshops, digital courses, and release a podcast with exciting guests. I want to create a networking platform where you can sign up and become part of a forum where we can exchange ideas, meet online and in person, and where I can offer you a lot of value in a closed circle of serious people who dare to dream big!

I look forward to sharing the news with you when all the preparatory work is in place.

To be continued!

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